Jocelyn Low


Sound Healer, Integrated Reiki Healer, American NGH Certified Hypnotherapist,

Past Life Regression Healer



















There have been many memorable events throughout my life, but none more than the one that made me who I am today. And my new beginning from humbleness to sixth sense realities… from touching a person's life with my insight to energizing a healing power from my own hands, as a Reiki Practitioner.


My development of skills through training provided. The journey of an awakened healer is another story. There is deep personal transformation and growth that comes with this path, the most powerful from direct experiences, that can’t be taught. However, the wisdom can be shared.


My path of personal energy healing is also a path of spiritual awakening. As I began my journey of shedding my layers, healing my pains, transforming my soul ~ I was led to meet my current teacher- Janet, who is also the Founder of this centre.


I studied Reiki, Sound Healing with singing bowls and tuning forks, working with higher wisdom, meditation etc. And I am also a certified Hypnotherapist. I chose to awaken so I could help others do the same. I shine bright and remind others of the light they carry. By standing in my purpose, I embrace this path of light and express universal energy through my voice, hands, and heart. As I walked this path, I had to learn to listen to the voice of my soul, it is the voice that was always speaking the loudest, always nudging me to understand truth, the soul and awakening.


I am always moving toward a higher state in my own personal life, mind and soul. I live balanced, embodied, evolutionary growth and expansion of my spiritual skills.. I share what I know. My endeavour towards promote restoration and healing by harnessing non-invasive techniques.


As a Reiki Practitioner that uses life energy to improve the well-being of a client, and provide healing based on the concept that there is a life energy that can be used to encourage a healing effect.


For Sound Healing, I work with the body system ~ physical, emotional and energy. As well as the soul. I consciously work with energy and higher wisdom for healing and clearing energy.  I am highly empathic ~ this means I feel emotions and energies.


In my Hypnosis Therapy, as people open and step into awakening in all its forms, I am able to offer my assistance to understand what is happening, how to assist the body and emotions with this intense process, and how to walk through this with grounded balance and support.



預約服務 : 聲音療癒、靈氣療癒、催眠療癒、前世回溯

Appointment service: Sound Healing, Reiki Healing, Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression

( Spoken in English and Cantonese)